How to clean solar panels?

3 May 2022 | Solar Energy

How to clean solar panels?

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How to clean solar panels?

Solar panels are installed on roofs and other surfaces to obtain as much solar energy as possible. These systems are exposed to inclement weather, so it is necessary to clean and maintain them so that they can function effectively.

Knowing how to clean these solar panels is very important to avoid possible damage to the photovoltaic cells or other components of the system.

Solar panel maintenance

The wind causes the panels to fill with dust and dirt, which can cause their performance not to be optimal. Rain is usually enough to keep the panels clean and working properly, but it is necessary from time to time to clean them to ensure that they always work at their best.

Is it necessary to clean the solar panels?

It is not necessary to clean the solar panels frequently, unless they are installed in an area with high pollution, snow or sand. In those cases it is necessary to carry out frequent cleaning to avoid that these elements affect the system and prevent them from working at their maximum performance.

Tips to keep your solar panel clean

Below, we offer a series of tips for proper cleaning and maintenance of solar panels.

Soapy water and dish soap

The best way to wash the solar panels is by using warm water and dish soap. The procedure for washing solar panels is the same as for washing a car. With a non-abrasive sponge soaked in soap and water, rub gently on the surface of the solar panel. Then with a squeegee remove the dirty water to leave the panel clean and shiny.

Cleaning the solar panels with this procedure can keep them clean and working optimally.

Security measures

Solar panels are usually installed on roofs and high areas of buildings. When cleaning these structures, all possible safety measures must be taken to avoid falls, blows or other incidents that could endanger physical integrity.

It can be dangerous to climb on rooftops to clean solar panels without proper safety measures in place.

Do not damage or scratch the panel surface

Scratching the solar panel glass must be avoided at all costs. This type of incident can cause the solar panel to stop working or its performance decreases and need to be replaced with a new one.

Solution for oily stains

It is possible that if the solar panels are located near areas with heavy traffic, oily spots appear on their surface. To clean these types of stains, use isopropyl alcohol and a cloth, avoiding the use of strong cleaning products that can damage the surface of the solar panel.

Call cleaning professionals

The best way to keep solar panels clean without the risk of damaging them or suffering an accident during washing is to hire a professional cleaning company. These types of companies have the training, experience and tools necessary for the cleaning and maintenance necessary to keep the solar panels in perfect condition.

Cleaning the solar panels allows them to always perform at their highest level. Although it is not necessary to clean them often, it is important to check their condition in case dust or some stains are hindering their operation.

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