Can solar energy be collected at night?

3 May 2022 | Solar Energy

Can solar energy be collected at night?

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Can solar energy be collected at night?

Solar energy works by absorbing sunlight and generating current energy that can be consumed, converting it to AC current (alternating current). At daylight hours, the sun’s rays fall on the solar panels, allowing them to generate electricity. But, what happens at night? Can photovoltaic systems still work without the sunlight?

Solar energy can’t be collected at night

Is solar energy efficient?

Solar energy is more efficient than fossil fuels in terms of environment impact. The efficiency of solar panels is currently between 15 and 20% due to photovoltaic cells has improved exponentially in the last decade (coal has an efficiency of up to 40%, for example).

Why should solar energy be used?

There are several reasons why solar energy is one of the best alternative energies available. The main reasons are:

Pollution free

The use of solar energy significantly decreases harmful air emissions. In large cities, we are used to suffering a high level of pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels and CO2 emission energies. Solar energy is a great alternative to reduce this pollution and to have fresh clean air.

No dependence on contaminating energies

We still depend on polluting energies, which are also finite. This dependence has negative effects on the environment and on our pockets, increasing the level of air pollution and energy bills (fuel, electricity and gas).

Solar energy reduces the use of pollution energies, saving money and protecting the planet at the same time.

Renewable energy

Solar energy is a true renewable source of energy unlike fossil fuels like coal, crude oil or natural gas, that are finite. In terms of human time scales, the sun is an infinite source of energy.

Focusing on solar energy rather than other types of energies will reduce the electric bill.

Reduce electric consumption

The sun is a free source of energy that is available to everyone, anywhere on the planet. This, together with the reduction of solar panel system installation cost, makes solar energy cheaper than other sources of energy.

Does solar energy work at night

Traditional solar panels use solar cells to produce the photovoltaic effects, to transform sunlight into electric energy. At night, these systems don’t receive sunlight, so they are resting.

It is possible to store solar energy during the day and use it at night, but the panel system will not generate energy in that period. Solar panels tend to produce extra power during the day that can be stored to keep electricity running after dark.

Solar energy is a real energy alternative to replace the polluting energy sources we use today. Despite the fact that solar panels can’t work at night, solar energy can be stored in batteries and that energy can be used where the solar panels are resting.

Solar power is good for the environment and a great way to reduce the carbon footprint. Solar energy has no emission that can pollute the environment, doesn’t release any greenhouse gasses, and it uses absolutely no other resources but sunlight.

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