Solar panel manufacturing process

How a panel is manufactured?

Manufacturing process

At Kaseel we have designed processes that improve in every way how a solar panel is manufactured. Our production lines currently produce photovoltaic modules with the highest quality on the market. Read on and find out why.

How to ensure the quality of each solar panel

The secret lies in a refined and fully automated process, carefully selecting each component and monitoring all stages.

To ensure the durability and performance of the solar panels, it is vital to carry out the necessary tests during and after manufacture to ensure that each module meets our quality standards (the highest in the photovoltaic industry).

How a solar panel is manufactured

Photovoltaic cell


Cell connection


Laminating process


of the frame


Photovoltaic module

In this process, all the solar cells that make up a solar panel are interconnected. At the front, the busbars are soldered to the back of the next cell and so on.
A solar module consists of several layers that are vacuum bonded together during the manufacturing process. Special care must be taken to remove any air and moisture that may be left between them.

The connection box is placed on the back of the solar panel, where the interconnection terminals come out.

The positive and negative of the panel are marked on this box and the protective diodes are placed inside, protected with silicone.

Finally, the frame is carefully arranged and the joints are sealed before the final tests are carried out.